• Stackable! Prepare in Advance!
  • 25ml CE Marked
  • Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate
  • Boxed in 24's
  • Glasswasher Safe
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Product details

Elite Bomber Shot Clear CE

This all-in-one ‘Jagerbomb’ cup offers a convenient way to serve 25ml of spirits with a 100ml chaser together in one glass! These durable polycarbonate bomber cups are CE marked. They are also stackable with the drink in so this has an advantage of the customer carrying multiple serves and also the ability to prepare drinks in advance!

Simply fill the inner chamber with a 25ml shot of spirit or liquor such as Jägermeister, then fill the outer chamber with your choice of mixer, which is typically energy drink such as Red Bull.

  • Stackable! Prepare in Advance!
  • Centre Chamber CE Marked 25ml
  • Glasswasher Safe
  • Capacity 25ml/2.5cl & 100ml
  • Box Quantity 24
  • Dimensions 54(H)x 38(Ø)mm
  • Supplier Model Number 020-1CL CE

Much less mess than the regular ‘depth charge’ approach of dropping a glass shot glass in to a hi-ball glass and safer to serve!