• Original ReLight® Candle Refills
  • Refills Packed in Trays of 20
  • Refills Available in 8 Colours
  • Holders Sold Separately


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Product details

ReLight® Refills Clear

A range of 8 interchangable colours are available to suit the mood of the venue or Occasion.

The 24 hour burn time means the candle is changed less often. No more time consuming cleaning of spilled hardened wax. Once the refill has burned down, any residue is left in the plastic sleeve leaving holders clean & wax free. The Refill casing is made of polycarbonate which is a fully recyclable plastic.


  • More efficient for the end user
  • Versatile colour presentation available
  • 24 Hour burn time
  • No wax mess
  • Recyclable

Holders sold separately