Saharas Nuts

Sweet Chilli Crunchy Coated Nuts

Sahara Nuts are tasty, crunchy coated nuts served hot and fresh. The nuts are enveloped in a crisp, wheat-based coating with a sweet chilli flavour. Delicious and utterly more-ish, they provide your customers with the perfect accompaniment to a drink… and the enticing savoury flavour will encourage a continuous thirst!

They are supplied in 6Kg boxes which contain 4×1.5Kg foil bags. Sealed these have a shelf life of 6 months. The cups come in 3 different portion sizes 60g , 90g and 120g.

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Sahara Dispenser

The Sahara dispenser is supplied to you the customer FREE of charge. The smart dispenser has been designed to look equally at home in traditional pubs or modern bars. It is tall and slim, taking up a minimum of valuable bar space.

14 years of continuous research and development has enabled the Saharas dispenser to keep the Hot Nuts in perfect condition for longer. Only the nuts at the bottom of the dispenser are kept heated, ensuring the rest remain in peak condition. Its ingenious design ensures that the heated nuts at the bottom of the dispenser are always used first. The dispenser is simply refilled from the top, obtaining a natural continuing stock rotation.


The benefits speak for themselves

  • A delicious alternative to traditional bar snacks
  • Extremely profitable
  • No initial outlay
  • Hot nut dispenser FREE on loan
  • Regular deliveries ensure fresh supplies at all times
  • Quick and easy to serve
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Encourage customers’ thirst
  • POS Material available

Becoming a retailer couldn’t be easier.  Simply phone or email us and a member of our team will contact you. They will provide you with everything you need and all the support you require to make the most of your Sahara dispenser.

We supply the dispenser FREE ON LOAN, and take care of all your maintenance and delivery requirements.

Sahara’s Hot Nut System is easy to use, small to store, with minimum expenditure and maximum profit… what have you got to lose? Give us a call today to find out just how easy it is to become a retailer.


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